Journal History

  1. Al Qalam: Scientific Journal of Religion and Society is an institutional journal managed by the Amuntai College of Alqur'an Sciences. Published twice a year, in July and December. Previously in print media, this journal was named Al Qalam with P-ISSN 1907-4174 (SK No. 0004.306 / JI.3.02 / SK.ISSN / 2006. - April 19, 2006, starting edition 2006-04-19 ). In this process of self-improvement, there are doubts between the leadership of the foundation and the journal manager to determine the field and focus of this journal, both general and Arabic education journals (PBA). This confusion did not drag on, in 2018, journals and journal managers held discussions about the field and focus of this journal. Through deliberation and input and careful consideration, it was decided to name this journal with a new name, namely Al Qalam: Religious Scientific Journal and Social Journal with E-ISSN 2621-0681 (SK No. 0005.26210681 / JI.3.1 / SK.ISSN / 2018.05 - 14 May 2018, edition from Vol.12, No.2, July 2018). This change is so that the focus of the field and writing is wider and becomes a medium for academic development of lecturers with different backgrounds.
  2. In 2022, starting from volume 16 no. January 1, 2022 in accordance with the considerations of the manager of the journal Al Qalam: The Scientific Journal of Religion and Society there is a significant change from the number of publications in each issue which previously was 7 articles each time an issue turned into 30 articles each time an issue and another change is the frequency of publications from the original 2 (two) times in 1 (one) year changes to 6 (six) times in 1 (one) year This is based on the increasing number of researchers submitting to the Al Qalam journal and requests from PTKIS in the Kalimantan area who want to increase the number of publications, considering that Al Qalam journal is the only accredited journal in Kalimantan so it is needed as a publication forum for lecturers. at PTKIS Kalimantan.