Journal History

AlQalam: Jurnal Ilmiah Keagamaan dan Kemasyarakatan is an institutional journal managed by the Amuntai Alqur'an College of Sciences. Publish twice a year, in July and December. Previously, in the print media, the name of this journal was AlQalam with P-ISSN 1907-4174 (Decree No. 0004.306 / JI.3.02 / SK.ISSN / 2006. - April 19, 2006, starting edition 2006-04-19). In the process of improving themselves, there is a doubt between the leadership of the foundation and the journal manager to determine the field and focus of this journal, whether it is general or a journal of Arabic Language Education (PBA). Had published several editions in print media. This confusion does not drag on, in 2018, journals and journal managers hold discussions about the field and focus of this journal. Through deliberation and input and careful consideration, the name of this journal was decided with a new name, namely AlQalam: Jurnal Ilmiah Keagamaan dan Kemasyarakatan's Journal with E-ISSN 2621-0681 (Decree No. 0005.26210681 / JI.3.1 / SK.ISSN / 2018.05 - 14 May 2018, starting edition Vol. 12, No. 2, July 2018). This discovery is so that the field and writing focus is broader and becomes a media for the academic development of lecturers with different backgrounds. n addition, previously published articles in the form of print media have been filed from 2006 to 2016 which were obtained by 11 volumes. Numbering, in the end, is corrected Errors until finally corrected following the provisions of the electronic general journal. The 2018 edition has been fixed while the previous volume remains.